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Breast Lift


Breast “Lifting”

Many women feel that their breasts are not in sync with their overall physique. Through the normal aging process or after a pregnancy a woman may experience a noticeable change in breast size and shape. A breast lift helps a woman create a more youthful appearance while contouring her natural physique. A breast lift is a common operation.

Breast Enlargement

Ptotic Breasts

  • The function of the gland is not affected and there are no side effects
  • Ptosis of the breast can be slight, moderate or severe
  • It is possible to successful lift ptotic breasts (depending on their size or ptosis grade)
  • One can have ptotic breasts reduced and lifted simultaneously
  • Small ptotic breasts can be augmented and lifted


  • The operation is performed under general anaesthesia
  • 1 – 2 days recovery