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The Rise of Plastic Surgery in South Africa

According to reports and research. The popularity of plastic surgery is on the rise. This has been seen in both men and women. In the past, plastic surgery was more popular only among middle class white men and women, but now more and more middle class black men in particular are catching the eyes of researchers as there has been a dramatic increase in them opting for cosmetic surgery. This shows that plastic or cosmetic surgery in South Africa is becoming less taboo as people have become more outspoken about undergoing these procedures. Here is the list of the most popular procedures done by both men and women in the past year:

Breast augmentation – this is the enlarging of breasts by inserting silicone implants. After this procedure, patients need just a few days to recover. You can expect to pay between R3 000 to R40 000 for this procedure.

Breast lifts –also known as matstopexy. This is popular among women who are looking to lift or reshape their sagging breasts. It costs R30 000 to R40 000 on average.

Breast reductions – this procedure is popular among men and women. For the women, large breasts can cause back pain and other health problems, the men who opt for this procedure would be those suffering from a condition known as gynecomastia which causes some men to have breast that resemble those of women. It costs R30 000 to R40 000.

Tummy tucks– this procedure is popularly favoured by women who have had children and are looking to get rid of the pregnancy belly. It usually costs something between R35 000 and R50 000.

Liposuction– this is the removal of fat deposits with a tube that acts as a vacuum and sucks the fat out from underneath the skin.  This can cost between R15 000 to R35 000.

Rhinoplasty– commonly known as the “nose job”. In basic terms it involves reshaping the nose to make it more or less pronounced. This can cost anything between R35 000 to R45 000.